Month: May 2015

Story Telling – by Victor Antonio

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Victor Antonio- Video on Storytelling, Hand Gestures, Facial Expressions and Body Language

I watched this video several times and he really demonstrate a unique way of telling a “story.” This is something we can implement in the classroom as part of a “read aloud.”

Non -verbal communication is the way we communicate the most. We watch a person’s body language and facial expressions more than we listen to their words. 

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Spain: A Country Rich in Culture

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Hey everyone, I am excited to show you the video I made of Spain. I researched the culture and languages of Spain, and even interviewed a colleague who is from Spain! It is difficult to learn a second language. I hope you check out the teacher and administrator’s part at the end of the video. I am sure you will learn something, I did! Enjoy!

Why Schools Need to Pay Attention to English Learners’ Cultures

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Learning is most successful when it is connected to learners’ background knowledge.  Culture is a huge part of such background knowledge.  What can schools do to capitalize on this powerful component?  read more in “Bridging the cultural gap for ELLs” here:

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